Our Agenda

SAPI is involved in energy topics that are currently being discussed at the domestic level and at the same time comes up with new ideas and recommendations. Our aim is to participate in the creation of political discourse in the field of energy, and we are trying to create such conditions, under which producers of renewable energy sources will be able to operate in a non-discriminatory market environment. For this reason, SAPI focuses on monitoring and commenting on laws, strategic documents, decrees, and directives that directly or indirectly relate to RES. Thanks to cooperation with state institutions, we can effectively defend the interests of our members.

SAPI is also active internationally with a focus on Europe. We are working with foreign partners, which include both European institutions and non-governmental organizations, to raise awareness of the need to increase the share of RES. At the same time, we open a discussion on topics that hinder the development of renewable resources. Such problems include a disproportionate administrative burden or reluctance to remove technical barriers to RES connection to the grid.

Currently, we focus on the following topics:

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