Digital Platform

The specific goal of the cluster:

Creation and operation of a digital platform of experts and projects

The use of the digital platform leads to the effective networking of interest groups within the cluster and to the expansion of cooperation with partner organizations to facilitate communication, knowledge sharing and cooperation. The digital platform will also be connected to foreign expert networks and thus lead to international cooperation.

The expert database is created by connecting experts, which streamlines work on various projects. Mapping the organizations and the solutions they offer gives a picture of the cluster's overall knowledge competencies. The platform thus interactively maps the links between organizations, experts, and individual activities.

Objectives and use of the digital platform to support cluster activities:

Mapping of the database of experts within the cluster and their competencies and knowledge

Mapping the database of partner organizations and the solutions they offer

Squad functionality that allows for effective communication between experts

Creation of joint projects, working groups and cooperation within them

Creation of events and workshops, with sharing of content, presentations, and videos

News channel that informs users about news from the industry

Publication of job offers within the cluster (also in connection with projects)

Mobile application functionality with email and push notifications

Creating a home page with basic information about the cluster

Vytvorenie domovskej stránky so základnými informáciami o klastri

International cooperation:

The platform will be further linked to similar V4 or EU initiatives

Foreign experts will be invited to the platform

Cluster activities may be published on other similar platforms within the EU

The platform serves as an effective tool for cross-border transfer of know-how

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