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Solar Power Europe is the European umbrella association representing organizations and companies in the photovoltaic industry, which has been operating since 1985. It is the most important European association in this field, representing its members towards the European Union institutions and, at the same time, uniting its members from different countries who share information and experiences in this field. SAPI is a member of Solar Power Europe, thanks to which we can bring Slovak topics to the European level and at the same time bring European topics to Slovakia. As a result, our members have access to important information, webinars, discussions, and statistical data that help us develop renewable energy in Slovakia.

 SAPI has been a member of the international organization Wind Europe since 2021, whose main goal is the development of green and sustainable energy from the wind in terms of the energy market, infrastructure, and technology. Since its founding in 1982, Wind Europe has acted as a single voice, articulating the demands of national associations, producers, and other energy market participants, which aim to develop wind energy in Europe. In cooperation with the European institutions, Wind Europe seeks to create a favourable environment that will be motivating for the development of wind energy. Thanks to its membership, SAPI gains access to key documents, guidelines or data that allow us to apply the acquired knowledge and information in our activities.

SAPI is part of the regional working group V+RE, which brings together associations and organizations from the Czech Republic (Komora OZE), Poland (Polish WindEnergy Association), Hungary (Energiaklub), Slovakia (SAPI) and the international think tank E3G and thus V+RE creates space for cooperation in energy sustainability and the development of RES. Within the V+RE platform, a successful webinar entitled Renewables in National Energy and Climate Plans of Visegrad Countries took place in 2020, in which we, together with our partners, analyzed the National Energy and Climate Plans of individual states and offered solutions for better integration of RES into energy. mix. The other important result of this cooperation is the analysis called Boosting Renewable energy in theVisegrad Region - The role of business.

Slovakia and Austria within the framework of cross-border cooperation wanted to strengthen the interest of citizens and the youngest generation in the energy sector. The pioneering project called EXREN was intended to inspire and motivate them to opt for renewable energy by choosing their studies and their future careers.

"Energy plays a key role in today's world. Due to the depleting reserves of fossil fuels, but also the need to save the climate and the environment, we chose to use the energy in a new, cleaner way. There is also an increasingly pressing issue of energy savings. Our EXREN project wants to focus the attention of adults and young people on these topics, “explains Pavel Šimon a former Deputy Director of the Slovak Photovoltaic Industry Association (SAPI). SAPI was one of the three key partners in this project, together with the Bratislava Energy Center and Energiepark Bruck / Leitha on the Austrian side. The scope of the project focuses on the territory of the Bratislava region and the northern and southern part of Vienna.

This cooperation continues to this day through the regular summer camp in the Danube Auen, organized by Energiepark Bruck / Leitha, which is supported by its participation and a short presentation on photovoltaics SAPI to this day.

PV GRID was a project funded by the European Commission, through the Intelligent Energy for Europe program, running from May 2012 to October 2014. The aim was to help overcome the bureaucratic barriers that prevented the large-scale integration of photovoltaic (PV) energy into distribution systems across Europe. SAPI was part of this project. We informed about the results on ourwebsite.

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