Cluster Goals and Activities

Klastrová organizácia si v rámci stratégie svojho rozvoja vytýčila nasledovné ciele: 

1. As part of its development strategy, the cluster organization has set the following goals:

In pursuing this goal, the cluster organization will focus on using a wide range of support for small and medium-sized enterprises through European policies and their grant programs. Support would also include joining new international markets, gaining a new customer portfolio, offering new products, technologies, services.


2. Access to up-to-date information, topics, trends, policies, and strategies in the field of renewable energy sources,

which are the most discussed at the European level. An integral part is the presentation of the cluster and its members within existing platforms, initiatives, networks, committees, etc.

3. Access to international events, conferences, congresses, workshops

Thanks to participation in international events, it is possible to obtain important information. In addition to gaining knowledge from these events, there is the potential for the creation of future partnerships with international partners or entrepreneurs, other universities clusters, scientific research organizations and other institutions. Such events provide sufficient space for the presentation of the cluster to an international audience, which increases awareness of the activities of individual members.

4. Building personnel and organizational capacities

In the first place, it is a matter of ensuring the personnel capacities of the cluster organization. Within the SAPI-cluster organization, it will be a cluster manager and an administrative worker. As part of the workload of individual employees, there will be the establishment of a cluster organization at the international level. At the same time, employees and members of the organization will participate in various types of educational activities, seminars, training and coaching and thus increase the potential of the cluster organization.

5. Participation in international projects

Under this goal, the cluster organization would like to involve its members in international projects and partnerships, which can contribute to the promotion of innovation or the transfer of knowledge. Finally, it can increase the competitiveness of individual partners.

6. Marketing, visibility in the domestic and international field and increasing the attractiveness of the cluster and its members

The cluster gained the bronze quality certificates from ESCA which is proof that the cluster is functioning and has special potential. The individual activities that are required to obtain certification can contribute to building awareness of the cluster and, together with obtaining a quality label, help to raise the cluster's visibility and build a reputation at the international level.

Cooperation with SIEA:

organization of seminars to promote and evaluate the success of the "Green for Households" program, which is intended for investment support for the construction of small RES in households in the form of vouchers within the Operational Program Environmental Quality,

organization of joint workshops and professional events in order to inform about new possibilities and innovations in the field of RES, promotion of wider use of RES solutions in projects supported by SIEA


Cooperation with STU FEI:

elaboration of the study "Possibilities of using renewable energy sources in Slovakia and their impact on the electricity system of the Slovak Republic" (2018), which analyzes the potential use of individual types of RES and their integration into the electricity system of the Slovak Republic,

presentation of results on academic grounds and to the professional public at the SAPI conference,

professional cooperation in testing innovative technological solutions for RES (photovoltaics, energy storage),

testing the impact of decentralized RES on the stability of the distribution system

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