Our Mission

Mission and activities

The Slovak Association of the Photovoltaic Industry and RES (SAPI) is a non-governmental professional interest association whose main mission is to support sustainable renewable energy development in Slovakia.

Since its establishment in 2010, SAPI has been actively involved in drafting and commenting on energy legislation, emphasizing the development of RES. At the domestic level, we represent the renewable resources sector in negotiations with institutions such as the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic, RONI, OKTE (Short-term Electricity Market Operator), SEPS (Slovak electricity transmission system) and the Parliament of the Slovak Republic. We also regularly communicate with distribution companies and the media. At the same time, SAPI is also active in European organizations and industry structures (we are a member of the SolarPower Europe and Wind Europe associations).

OZEAt SAPI, we constantly monitor current legislation and keep our members informed of any changes through newsletters. In cooperation with our partners, we prepare legal analyzes whenever the situation requires it.

In addition to monitoring legislative processes, SAPI also provides training for its members and those interested in entrepreneurs, installers, and photovoltaics. The association is the only one in Slovakia to organize specialized events focused exclusively on photovoltaics and RES, while its representatives regularly give lectures at domestic and foreign conferences and prepare expert opinions for members of the Slovak Parliament.

Our goals

Our primary goal is to make renewable energy sources an important part of the energy mix in Slovakia and to stop the discriminatory and unfair practices on the part of the state and distribution companies towards RES producers. We genuinely believe in the importance and rightness of the use of renewable energy sources, especially in the context of the ever-deepening climate crisis. At SAPI, we believe that the use of RES will bring both ecological and economic and social benefits to the Slovak people.

SAPI advocates and supports mainly these activities:

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