SAPI Milestones

2010 - SAPI was established in 2010 as the first professional RES organization in Slovakia and, as the only one, is still active.

2013The EU introduces tariffs on imports of solar panels and components from third countries. SAPI sent an open letter to President Juncker. Thanks to the efforts of SAPI, Slovakia voted in Brussels to repeal these measures. From 3 September 2018, these duties are abolished.

2013 - The EXREN (EXplore Renewable Energy) project focused on the Bratislava region on the Slovak side and the northern and southern surroundings of Vienna on the Austrian side. It was supported by the European Union under the Cross-Border Cooperation Program SLOVAK REPUBLIC-AUSTRIA 2007-2013.

2014 – The PV GRID project was funded by the European Commission through the Intelligent Energy for Europe program from May 2012 to October 2014. It aimed to help overcome bureaucratic barriers that prevented the large-scale integration of photovoltaic (PV) energy into distribution systems (DS) across Europe. SAPI was part of this project. There is an output from this project on the website in the Slovak language.

2015 - Action 1508 is a project named after August 15, which is the date when manufacturers must comply with the notification obligation and send to RONI and distribution companies information that they have long had. At the same time, they must confirm by that date that they continue to claim the aid they have already been granted for 15 years. SAPI organized several protest activities, as well as press conferences. The deputies of the National Council of the Slovak Republic, who initiated the submission to the Constitutional Court, were also obtained. Although the application was unsuccessful, the court defined in the reasoning the relationship between the producer and the distribution company.

2016 - SAPI initiated the collection of signatures of deputies for submission to the Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic. The Constitutional Court called the part of the decree that introduced the G-component unconstitutional.

2019 - SAPI came up with a proposal for the Local Resource concept in 2013. After another 3 years, we completed this proposal and since 2016 we have been working on its incorporation into the legislation. Currently, it is a part of Act 309/2009 Coll. on the promotion of renewable energy sources and high-efficiency cogeneration § 4b.

2019 - SAPI establishes a cluster organization for RES, which is focused on expanding and linking knowledge and experience in the use of RES technologies. The members of the cluster are small and medium-sized enterprises specializing in renewable resources, state institutions and representatives of scientific and research institutions.

2020 - The SAPI membership base exceeds the magic hundred. Interest in SAPI membership is constantly growing, which is proof of the importance of our activities and work.

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