Cluster profile


SAPI Renewable Energy Cluster was established in 2019 as a startup cluster with a focus on expanding and connecting knowledge and experience on the efficient use of renewable energy technologies (RES) within the industry domain for the 21st century. The cluster is an interest association of legal entities, which currently has more than 95 active members - business entities in the segment of small and medium-sized enterprises operating in the RES sector and several government partners, as well as research, development and educational institutions.

The activities of the cluster follow on from the activities of the Slovak Association of the Photovoltaic Industry and RES (SAPI), which was founded in 2010 as an interest association representing the photovoltaic and RES industries. The main task of the cluster is to create an effective platform for interconnection and cooperation of individual participants in the cluster dealing with the application of advanced and innovative technologies and projects, within which these technologies can be effectively and sustainably implemented. The activities falling within the activities of the cluster organization include SAPI members as companies operating in the RES industry, as well as partners operating in the field of state and public administration and, finally, research and educational institutions. The role of the cluster is to provide these partners with an effective tool for mutual communication and cooperation in the implementation of projects or in testing and implementation of technological solutions for RES. At the same time, the role of the cluster is to search for and connect domestic and foreign partners and experts with a relevant focus in individual projects with the aim of mutual exchange of information and knowledge.

Development of members' and partners' innovation capabilities is of the highest importance for SAPI Renewable Energy Cluster.  The connection between research, educational institutions and small and medium-sized enterprises can bring many benefits on both sides. By using innovative technologies, new business opportunities can arise for SMEs outside their current markets. On the other hand, research and educational institutions acquire a partner to promote but also co-finance their research and development activities.

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